We have created various successful stories with our customers amongst many few as mentioned below. Several leading and well-known companies from different industry segments across the globe showcase all the passion about our work with their success stories. We are focusing on the amount of efforts taken by the customer from the beginning to provide efficient service.

This set of examples explains how we have adapted to the situation, guaranteed business success in the relevant industry compared to their competitors and upheld logical undertaking around the world.

Posta Plus

A Comprehensible and smart application for a Logistic Solutions Giant in the Middle- East. The platform provides access to a broad range of shipping services making it a one stop solution for all the logistic problems in the region and easing the process of communication for people. Posta Plus is a leading regional provider of all-around



A reliable and highly functioning platform that will allow users to gain the fastest access to all the prime locations in the country and guide them throughout the process of navigation Based on ‘search and find’ theme, the application implores the informatory aspect of all the relevant places in the country. It has an ingenuous


Notify M (How Ble – iBeaconTechnology Works)

A BLE-Based platform for a more communicative and seamless experience for the users. The application functions on multiple levels and act as an efficient medium for the clients to identify their shoppers and notify them about the latest deals and discounts, henceforth attracting more footfalls, high engagement rate and better sales. Introduction Beacon technology, since



Introduction The way the digital landscape has been changing, it is hardly a surprise to see technology overpowering nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Things have become smooth and faster, and this unprecedented rise in online resources has only made it easier to get everything within your palm’s reach. Khadoom stays a perfect example